Sunday, March 2, 2008

The First Blush of Spring

The First Blush of Spring

Ah, the first sweet flowers of spring!
They are as much a sign of life
as the blood running through
most people's veins.
What does Mona Lisa have to do with it?
Maybe her wry smile is because
she knows the secrets of life.

This is an original 5 1/2 x 7 1/2" mixed media collage painting on mat board. I sacrificed one of my favourite illustrations for this piece! That lovingly detailed anatomical guide of the human neck. I felt it would make an exquisite frame for the Mona Lisa's sphynx-like grin.

In case you can't tell, the lilies are white. Perhaps they represent purity or maybe they're someone's favourite funereal flower. It could just be that their forms are aesthetically pleasing and their sweeping lines reflected those of the veins in the illustration.

This is sure to please the morbid and insult the sentimental so maybe you have a loved one in mind who you'd love to bestow this upon. Maybe that loved one is yourself. I should note that the actual Artwork does not have my moniker across the middle of it, it's just that I hadn't signed the piece when I went to scan it. Additionally, I added a couple of coats of sealer to make sure the flowers that I so carefully sketched didn't get rubbed off on someone's hand or something. Incidentally, should you choose to frame this, I'd recommend that you not put glass on it, partly because it will eventually end up bonding to it, but also so you can position the "doors" as you like. Though don't play with them too much, as the illustration is somewhat delicate. If you're intent of having glass on it, you'll need to make sure that spacers are used to prevent the glass from
touching the painting.
As always, THANKS for stopping by and make sure you check back for more visual assaults from the musty mind of
the Plastic One.
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