Monday, February 25, 2008

Devil Dandy's Darling

Devil Dandy's Darling
by Chris Plastic

Love is in the air! The tiny particles that are left of it that is. Yeah, I think this little scene is about love gone south and I don't mean on vacation for the winter, though I'm sure it's quite chilly. Or maybe it's about bad men? It could be about saucy minxes too. Certainly it seems to think love is a ticking time bomb.

This is an original 4 x 6" mixed media collage painting on cardboard. I used a couple of fun illustrations and cut and pasted and painted them together in a kind of Frankenstein-ish way to produce this charming little piece.

The underlying illustration is from an anatomy book from the 40's. Its beautiful striations were just begging to be painted! I've used watercolours, Acrylics, and silver pen to tie everything together. This piece has been given a couple of coats of finish to make sure it all stays put and to bring out the vibrancy of all the colours.

This is sure to please the morbid and insult the sentimental so maybe you have a loved one in mind who you'd love to bestow this upon. Maybe that loved one is yourself. You can view the auction for this painting by clicking on any of the pictures above.

As always, THANKS for stopping by and make sure you check back for more visual assaults from the musty mind of the Plastic One.

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