Friday, March 14, 2008

The Cherry Tree

This is the second piece, though the first to be released, in a series of paintings I’ll be working on that incorporate found objects and frames, in addition to the usual paint trickery. These pieces take a little longer to put together, not only because there’s extra work involved, but also because, as is the case with the first one, I might come to a point when I realize that there’s something missing. So while that something’s still missing I just get to work on another one.

Why Things We Lost In The Fire? Partly because of the imagery it evokes, but also because I’ll be using a lot of vintage bits and pieces and I’ll also be painting them to appear aged, in addition to beating them up, rusting them, or doing whatever it takes to get the desired effect. I guess this series is also about things we miss or a sense of loss. So on that note, here’s the first (though actually second) piece in this series.

The Cherry Tree

To give you some idea of the transformation this frame underwent, it started of as a kind of flat, faux gold leaf finish. That just wasn’t gonna work. Aside from my general disdain for gold, it just wouldn’t fit the theme. So I refinished it very prettily with a deep mahogany finish and then I carefully painted the little flowers and vines on it.

Then I decided it needed to look like it had been through a fire. So I proceeded to rub black paint all over it in several layers of wash. Once that had dried it was time to get out the acetone and give it a nice rubdown. Ohh yah, it liked that! It was just the trick.

I was thinkin about showing a sneak peek of the first painting here, but I’d hate to ruin the surprise. Hmmm...

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*The first image in this post is linked to the eBay auction for this piece.

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