Monday, March 31, 2008

Summer Fantasy Cake

Summer Fantasy Cake
Altered Art Painting

by Chris Plastic

This is a fantastical cake painted in watercolours on a paint chip.
It is loaded with strawberries and orange and lemon slices.
The lowest tiers are layered with lady fingers,
the bottom row of which are dipped in chocolate.

The paint chip has not been altered, other than by my painting,
in other words it has not been cut and the hole at the
bottom left was there originally.
Also note that the above image has been formatted
with the frame and title
to personalize the setting here.
Below is how the painting actually appears,
although a bit smaller and the colours
not quite so saturated.
Also the flowers are more pink,
as opposed to the mauve they appear here.

Due to the nature of the piece, there could be no corrections,
so this was all very carefully sketched on here
and then delicately painted.
The piece is 3 x 5 3/8" and is initialed and dated
at the bottom left hand corner.
It will have a clear coating applied so that painting doesn't rub off.

The original of this item is listed on eBay
and there is also a section in my Cafe Press shop
with a number of items
featuring this design.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Passiflora Caerulea

Passiflora Caerulea
Original Miniature Watercolour
Altered Art
by Chris Plastic

I have this great vintage anatomy volume
and I was flipping through it one night
when I came across this illustration
of a dissected eyeball.
Only what I saw was a Passion Flower.
So I thought I'd just help other people see that too!

Apparently I'm not the only one who saw the flower,
as this bee appears to have fallen in love with it.

This delightful little piece of mock Victoriana is done in watercolours
and it comes in its own darling little frame.
It is crypically initialed on the front,
as well as dated.
The painting itself is a three inch circle.
The frame is solid brass, so it's a little heavy,
and it has a stand on the back so it can sit
pretty on your shelf or you can remove the stand
and have yourself a lovely wallflower.

As much as this piece feels substantial,
it should be handled with care,
as the bee was not part of the frame and is glued in place,
as is the painting.

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*the first picture is linked to the eBay auction for this piece.

Happy Bunny Goes to the Candy Store

Happy Bunny Goes to the Candy Store
Original Watercolour On Paper Bag
by Chris Plastic

Happy Bunny went to the candy store
to get you some Easter candy!
Only problem is he ate it all.
He apologizes sincerely
and hopes you’ll take him in.

This charming little painting is done in watercolours
on the front of a paper bag
and is approximately 4 x 6".
I say approximately because I can’t
cut a straight line to save my life.
Mainly it’s just the 4" that strays a bit here and there,
but I’ll mount it on a 4 x 6" piece of card if you like.
It is initialed on the front,
in the lower left-hand corner,
and dated on the lower right-hand corner.
(Yes, I meant to do that!)

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Damasked Bunny

Damasked Bunny

Damasked Bunny has taken it upon himself to bring some sophistication to urban camouflage. By day he's a secret shopper - by night he's fashion police. So you never really know where he might be lurking. Just know that he sees you and your bad fashion and he's got your number.

Because he's so fabulous, Damasked Bunny has his own line of products, which can be viewed by clicking the above image.

lapin masqué se cachant dans un jardin de damassé

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Cherry Tree

This is the second piece, though the first to be released, in a series of paintings I’ll be working on that incorporate found objects and frames, in addition to the usual paint trickery. These pieces take a little longer to put together, not only because there’s extra work involved, but also because, as is the case with the first one, I might come to a point when I realize that there’s something missing. So while that something’s still missing I just get to work on another one.

Why Things We Lost In The Fire? Partly because of the imagery it evokes, but also because I’ll be using a lot of vintage bits and pieces and I’ll also be painting them to appear aged, in addition to beating them up, rusting them, or doing whatever it takes to get the desired effect. I guess this series is also about things we miss or a sense of loss. So on that note, here’s the first (though actually second) piece in this series.

The Cherry Tree

To give you some idea of the transformation this frame underwent, it started of as a kind of flat, faux gold leaf finish. That just wasn’t gonna work. Aside from my general disdain for gold, it just wouldn’t fit the theme. So I refinished it very prettily with a deep mahogany finish and then I carefully painted the little flowers and vines on it.

Then I decided it needed to look like it had been through a fire. So I proceeded to rub black paint all over it in several layers of wash. Once that had dried it was time to get out the acetone and give it a nice rubdown. Ohh yah, it liked that! It was just the trick.

I was thinkin about showing a sneak peek of the first painting here, but I’d hate to ruin the surprise. Hmmm...

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*The first image in this post is linked to the eBay auction for this piece.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Does Your Momma Know You Got Such A Dirty Mouth?

I was chatting with a good friend earlier this afternoon when the subject of my highschool reunion next year came up. I'd said that at this point it seemed impossible that I'd be able to make the trip to Australia for it, given all that I have going on. Well, my friend's fast working mind produced what I thought was a brilliant idea. She may have been kidding, sort of, but I immediately thought it was great and set about trying to figure out how to do it.

The idea was to set up a cuss jar on my blog or somewhere, so whenever someone's being a potty mouth they get to put whatever appropriate amount in the jar. Hey, it could be a great tool for those people who have kids or are just trying to stop cussing in general. Certainly anyone who just wanted to add to it out of the kindness of their heart would not be turned away either.

So I put together a basic little image to serve as a link to my PayPal account, so if anyone wants to participate, they have only to click on the picture and they'll be ready to roll. I'm going to post it here so people know what I'm talking about, but I'm also going to post it above my blog, where it will reside until someone blows up the MySpazz mainframe or something.

(click the pic to pay the Cuss Jar!)

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

The First Blush of Spring

The First Blush of Spring

Ah, the first sweet flowers of spring!
They are as much a sign of life
as the blood running through
most people's veins.
What does Mona Lisa have to do with it?
Maybe her wry smile is because
she knows the secrets of life.

This is an original 5 1/2 x 7 1/2" mixed media collage painting on mat board. I sacrificed one of my favourite illustrations for this piece! That lovingly detailed anatomical guide of the human neck. I felt it would make an exquisite frame for the Mona Lisa's sphynx-like grin.

In case you can't tell, the lilies are white. Perhaps they represent purity or maybe they're someone's favourite funereal flower. It could just be that their forms are aesthetically pleasing and their sweeping lines reflected those of the veins in the illustration.

This is sure to please the morbid and insult the sentimental so maybe you have a loved one in mind who you'd love to bestow this upon. Maybe that loved one is yourself. I should note that the actual Artwork does not have my moniker across the middle of it, it's just that I hadn't signed the piece when I went to scan it. Additionally, I added a couple of coats of sealer to make sure the flowers that I so carefully sketched didn't get rubbed off on someone's hand or something. Incidentally, should you choose to frame this, I'd recommend that you not put glass on it, partly because it will eventually end up bonding to it, but also so you can position the "doors" as you like. Though don't play with them too much, as the illustration is somewhat delicate. If you're intent of having glass on it, you'll need to make sure that spacers are used to prevent the glass from
touching the painting.
As always, THANKS for stopping by and make sure you check back for more visual assaults from the musty mind of
the Plastic One.
*You can visit this painting on eBay by clicking the picture at the top!