Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Does Your Momma Know You Got Such A Dirty Mouth?

I was chatting with a good friend earlier this afternoon when the subject of my highschool reunion next year came up. I'd said that at this point it seemed impossible that I'd be able to make the trip to Australia for it, given all that I have going on. Well, my friend's fast working mind produced what I thought was a brilliant idea. She may have been kidding, sort of, but I immediately thought it was great and set about trying to figure out how to do it.

The idea was to set up a cuss jar on my blog or somewhere, so whenever someone's being a potty mouth they get to put whatever appropriate amount in the jar. Hey, it could be a great tool for those people who have kids or are just trying to stop cussing in general. Certainly anyone who just wanted to add to it out of the kindness of their heart would not be turned away either.

So I put together a basic little image to serve as a link to my PayPal account, so if anyone wants to participate, they have only to click on the picture and they'll be ready to roll. I'm going to post it here so people know what I'm talking about, but I'm also going to post it above my blog, where it will reside until someone blows up the MySpazz mainframe or something.

(click the pic to pay the Cuss Jar!)

Thanks for stopping by, my little sugar plums!

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