Sunday, January 27, 2008


It's amazing what you can do when you have two bags of plastic soldiers, a heat gun, and way too much time on your hands. I guess it's not unlike chasing ants with a magnifying glass, except in this case the targets are stationary and they're not alive. Actually, you could say I breathed life into them with the help of a heat gun and lots of paint.

Why a heat gun, you ask? Well, it eliminates the need for glue and also allows you to mold the little plastic guys somewhat. You do have to be careful not to singe them though, unless of course you want them singed.

There's a lot more to this project than just melting a bunch of soldiers together, of course. In fact what I've created here is a veritable blood bath of toy soldiers! But it's not just about gore, it's actually more to do with a certain president's oil war.

Oil Bowl

There's not enough oil in the world to cover the blood that's been shed as a result of greed and deceit.

So this isn't just a sculpture. It's a statement.

Height: 4"
Diameter: 7"
Circumference at top: 25"

Additionally, the pedestal is made of five soldiers that are down on one knee, in a slightly off kilter star formation,
aiming their rifles outward. The whole piece is melted together, one soldier at a time. I then primed it with gesso and applied numerous layers of paint by letting it run down from the rim via a sponge brush. I started with a few coats of a couple of blood reds, followed by several coats of black. The paints I used have a glossy finish, so that is what you are seeing there. I have not varnished the piece or otherwise finished it.

This sculpture is quite sturdy, but it should be treated as a
sculpture and not a receptacle.

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Simon Roderick said...

I really like this.
Great work!

PlasticSmile said...

Thank You! I appreciate that.