Friday, August 15, 2008

Karyatid Facade

I meant to post the facade I created for my new portfolio page on MySpace. This piece is all about texture, from the concrete textures I used to build the facade, to the parchment and spray paint. I wanted my home page to look like the side of an old building in NY, so I needed some high relief designs. I pieced those together using various elements, such as a fleur de lis motif from an old Art Nouveau tile. I started out with a small fragment of blank cement about two inches square and I just built up layers of texture and stains and relief until I felt like I had built something with a presence.

(click the image to view at full size, as it's much larger.)

Lastly, I stumbled across this great source of images and wanted to share it, in case there's like me who relies a lot on found images to create their work. Check it out! source of human photo references for 3D modeling and texturing

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