Thursday, May 29, 2008

Daddy's Little Darling

Daddy's Little Darling
by Chris Plastic

The theme of this painting is domestic violence.
It's about how children are forced
into the middle of their parent's disputes
and there is no safety zone for them.

(this close-up is approximately actual size.)

This painting is 11 x 14".
It is painted on the inner side of the front of a grocery bag.
Due to the nature of the paper, it is heavily wrinkled
and there are some strong creases in it.
The paper has also been roughed up in a few places.

(I thought you might like to see the sketch.)

I will be donating a percentage from this sale to R.A.I.N.N.
Having witnessed the work they do for women at risk,
I can attest that the Rape Abuse & Incest National Network
truly have a heart for women and go out of their way to help.
So the least I can do is donate some of the proceeds
from the sale of my Art to their cause.

You are not alone. RAINN - 1.800.656.HOPE

(Click the banner to learn how you can help R.A.I.N.N. help women.)

THANK YOU for stopping by!

(the title of this post is linked to the eBay auction for this painting.)

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