Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gateau Tour de Summer

Gateau Tour de Summer

Altered Art Painting

by Chris Plastic

This fantastical cake is painted in acrylics

on a piece of moderately distressed paper.

(If you think that’s heavily distressed,

you haven’t seen some of my other work.)

This prelude to summer is loaded with strawberries

and orange and


The lowest tiers are layered with lady fingers,

the bottom row of which are dipped in chocolate.

To complete the effect, this magnificent culinary delight

sits proudly atop a vintage blue milk glass pedestal with a scalloped rim.

The overall size of this piece is 6 x 12",

so it will definitely command attention wherever you put it.

The colours have been meticulously blended

to create vibrant tones that jump off the paper.

Keep in mind this has several sharp creases,

as well as other rough spots, including a tear on the left side.

All this has been done to add to the character of the piece.

As you can also see from the above image,

the painting is initialed and dated at the lower left corner.

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